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“Jason is an intelligent and thoughtful real estate professional who values the relationship necessary to navigate a clear and honest transaction. His experience and knowledge of the Ann Arbor market was a great asset and led to an easy sale.”

- Susan S.



“Thank you for helping/guiding us through the emotional event of selling our home. We really appreciate your calm approach, knowledge and words of wisdom”

- Shelly and Dave R.



“I am sure the reason your business has gone berserk is because you are emblematic of what a Realtor should be”

- Matt C.



“Thanks also for all the help over the last few months. I just now feel like I am emerging from a hard won battle. We appreciate all that you both did to make the housing change in our lives possible”

- Candie and John S.



“We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have met and worked with you. You have exceeded any expectations we had, and we truly appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile and to do things like have meetings on the floor of our studio! We wish you great success in all you do!”

- Hannah and Ryan B.



“We are so grateful for all of your sound advice and assistance to help us ensure that this house was bought efficiently and the former one sold quickly.”

- Jean and Bill G.



“Thank you Jason Boggs and Reinhart Realtors for giving us a seamless experience that was warmhearted, thoroughly professional and organized, and left us feeling like we received the best value for both the sale of our previous home and purchase of a new one. We look forward to working with you again some day.” ‘ 

- Tim and Jeannie O.



“I wish there were words to express our thanks for all you’ve done for Jack & I. Now we can finally move on to a new chapter in our lives”

- Kris and Jack D.



“Hey Jason, It is truly a privilege to work with you! The relationships you cultivate with your clients set the tone for the entire transaction and I am one of the lucky beneficiaries.” 

- Karen H.


“A little note of gratitude. Six years of support, expertise, faith, and inexhaustible drive. I will never be able to thank you enough.”

- Barton P.



“In the course of a long life, there are a few experiences that stand out as seminal, and this day is one of them. And for this, at the risk of sounding somewhat maudlin, I am extremely grateful to you.


The buyers just left the house. After 2 hours of intense conversation, 2 bottles of good sparking wine, and the realization that this is the beginning of a delightful friendship.


So you need to know that not only did you deftly facilitate the sale of my home, but you helped me open new doors of friendship in my life.

You are certainly one of the good guys in the world. 

Cheers, and extreme gratitude… 

- Matt C. (2nd time around)


“Dear Jason, With five months of home ownership and a new year upon us, we just wanted to say thank you for all of your help last year finding (and the hard part - closing!) this house. We know that neither we nor the market made it easy on your and we appreciate all of your hard work. We love it here!”

- Andrea O. and Chris L. 



“It was nice to work with you on the sale of our home. You made the whole process easy!”

- Linda and David C



“Thanks also for doing all the great work on the house sale” 

- Ian Z.



“Jason Boggs was professional at all times. Jason did a fantastic job with the listing of the property, which was top notch. He handled everything in a calm and helpful manner. I would use Jason again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend him. Selling a house is never fun, but Jason made it as painless as possible.”

- Susann and Rimmer D.




“Dear Jason, Thank you so much for all the work, patience, advice, time, humor, and brilliance that you put into helping us find our first home. We are simply head over heals for 1120 Pearl St, and it’s craftsman-style glory. We know you will miss us, too, and hope you’ll visit if you are in the neighborhood. Best of luck with your future endeavors and, again, thank you sincerely. 

- Jen F. and Josh R.



“Dear Jason - Our family has been uprooted - in ways superficial and deep - for several years now. You’ve played a profound role in our process of finding our roots again, and figuring out what home means to us. You’ve been our guide, our sounding-board, and the voice of calm and logic (and emotion!) when we’ve needed it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us dig in and find our roots, our home.”

- Cara and Brian G.



“Jason is amazing to work with.  Always on top of the timelines, details, and service for all of his transactions.  His clients are always very pleased, as he works very hard for each and every customer!” 

- Amanda L.




“Thank you so much Jason. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and I really, really appreciate it!! You’re the BEST!

- Lindsay B.



“We couldn’t be happier with our home and are really glad to have gotten to know you in the process… we are passing your name along to anyone who asks :)”

- Laura and Mike H.




“Jason was absolutely fantastic. He worked really well with my peculiar needs as I was trying to buy from afar, and was accommodating to me and my family (they were the ones typically looking at places). I would recommend him hands down. He is also a really pleasant person to interact with, which goes a long way in my opinion as well.”

- Jacob A.



“Jason Boggs was just about perfect in every way. Honest, friendly, hard-working, helpful and direct.”

- Sara and Stephen G.



“Jason was an excellent advocate during our entire home buying process. From initial contract, to showing us houses within our budget on a very short time frame, and successfully closing the deal, I could not have asked for anyone better to have helped us through this time.”

- John and Gretchen A.



“Jason was very helpful in my search for a new home. He was promptly and punctual with communications and appointments, showed me several properties, and did an excellent job of facilitating the sale of this home.”

- Al B.



“Jason was remarkably helpful. He is a professional, yet very easy to get along with. I felt very comfortable with him. I knew we were in good hands. Jason really looks out for his clients. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

- Ryan and Jessica E.


"Jason was our realtor when we moved from the east coast to Ann Arbor, MI this spring. He was incredibly knowledgeable and a tremendous support through the entire house searching/buying process. Jason is an excellent communicator - by phone and email - which was helpful in working with him out of  state. Jason went above & beyond his professional duties to help us in this process and always had a great balance of professionalism and friendliness. He always had time to help us or respond to something. I highly recommend him as a realtor for anyone looking in the area!"

- Becky and Joseph G.




“Jason was especially helpful in facilitating the purchase of our condo long distance”

- James and Shirley M.


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